Frederick Dent Grant


    Born May 30, 1850 at St. Louis, Missouri.

    Accompanied his father in various engagements during the Civil War.

    Graduated from West Point in 1871.

    Married Ida Marie Honore on October 20, 1874. Two children: Princess Julia Grant Cantacuzene and Ulysses S. Grant III.

    Appointed by President Benjamin Harrison as U.S. Minister to Austro-Hungarian Empire,  1890-1897.

    Appointed to the New York City Board of Police Commissioners and succeeded  Theodore    Roosevelt as police commissioner in 1897.

    Served as assistant war secretary in President McKinley’s administration.

    Major General, United States Army. Fought in the Spanish American War in 1898.

    Died in New York City, April 11, 1912 and is buried at West Point.



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